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How does the Compass work?

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How can municipalities procure sustainably?

Municipality Compass

The Sustainability Compass for municipalities offers practical examples on sustainable public procurement for all German states (Länder):

- tender documents

- city council decisions

- directives and other documents

Additionally, legal frameworks on state level covering social and ecological criteria, contact information of experts as well as companies offering products with sustainability certifications are included.

Benefit from the experience of active municipalities.

Which labels can be used?

Social and environmental labels can serve as a means of proof of sustainability. If you are looking for labels based on certain social and environmental criteria, please select whether you wish to see a list of all labels or search for the label of a specific product.

How can I integrate sustainability into the procurement process?

Sustainable procurement can help you make more cost-saving, solution-oriented and energy- and resource-efficient purchases.

Why sustainable procurement?

By integrating social and environmental criteria in procurement processes, buyers can contribute to their organisation’s sustainability strategy and at the same time stimulate the market for sustainably manufactured products. Learn about the legal framework and the most relevant issues for certain product groups.